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  • Jan22Wed

    Having 'Compassion' at Skylark

    Witnessing a group on-site January 22, 2020 Wayne Hancock
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    Wayne's ponderings

    It is always a blessing and so exciting for me to visit Skylark, particularly when there are other groups on site.  This visit has been amazing as I have witnessed a group of 170+ youth and their leaders from Compassion International sponsored projects in Leon.  For many of these youth this is the first time they have been away on a spiritual retreat.  The joy is evident in their faces and in their squeals and screams, yes even at 5am!

    They have been having wonderful times of worship and teaching on what it means for youth to lead and to follow Jesus.  It is for these types of groups that the Skylark Centre was built and it causes such joy to well up in me when I see first-hand the blessing that your gifts, your support, your prayers bring in the lives of the people of Nicaragua.  Thank you for your faithful generosity.  Now more than ever we need to continue this ministry serving the Christian community in Nicaragua and impacting the lives of the next generation with the good news of Jesus. 

    Yours faithfully,