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Join a Mission Team

One of Threefold's three guiding principals is building community, by bringing diverse people together in teams to serve the broader communities in Nicaragua.  We are always looking for people to join one of our variety of teams.  It is a great opportunity to experience Nicaragua and its amazing people from a unique standpoint.  
The Calendar of Events lists upcoming, confirmed teams and additional details for each.  Contact us if you're interested in participating in or leading a team, whether listed or not, or that you're considering for the future.
We anticipate that you will have a lot of questions, particularly early in the process.

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Collect Items for Donation

The programs running at the Skylark Retreat Centre always benefit when items critical to their operation are donated.  Ideas include:

  • Diapers, washcloths and soap for newborns
  • Toiletries for new mothers
  • Toys and craft supplies for young children
The complete list can be found here.  Donations are accepted at our office in Waterloo.  If you are not in our vicinity, contact us at to discuss other options.

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Not everyone can travel on a team!  Financial support is appreciated - and needed! - as well.  Prayerfully consider supporting:

  • a team or individual member in their fundraising efforts
  • by sponsoring a child attending our "Best Start in Christ" program
  • an intriguing 'something' from our gift catalogue
  • a Capital Project being undertaken at the Skylark Centre
  • the general operations of Threefold overall
Please see our "Donate" page for more opportunities, and options in giving.  Thank you!!