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  • Oct24Mon

    Being the Bridge

    October 24, 2022
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    Puente del Rio la Flor (Flower River Bridge) near Diriamba
    Puente del Rio la Flor (Flower River Bridge) near Diriamba

    The Skylark Retreat Centre has been the hub for Christ-centred gatherings, activities and study in Nicaragua for 15 years.

    It is much more than a conference centre, or a bed-and-breakfast. It is a bridge that connects churches and ministry groups with a place and means to forward their missions.

    Bridges are engineered and designed to support us, and all that we bring with us. They hold us up and supply safe passage. Good bridge-builders provide expertise, and ensure that care is taken to maintain and secure it over its lifetime. Without bridges, our journey is more difficult.

    Our Skylark staff act as the hands and feet of Jesus for the guests that visit. They contribute to the Christian work. The Skylark team is an interactive community that encourages and builds up those who come.

    Skylark has an even broader impact

    Skylark, and those that support it, provide local employment opportunities. In fact, our fundraising goal this year of $25,000 would pay the salaries of the 5-person maintenance team for an entire year. Did you get that? $25,000 supports 5 families for 12 months! 

    Where YOU fit into the story???

    Help us to facilitate the growth of Christ’s Church in Nicaragua. Let’s help them with what they can’t do, so that they can do what they do effectively.

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    ...before November 29th to provide for the practical supports in spreading of the Good News in Nicaragua!