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    Hearing Parents' voices

    Talking about "Best Start" August 8, 2022
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    Preschool class
    Preschool class

    When is the last time that you made an assumption that led to a wrong decision?   It happens to me far more often than I'd like to admit!

    (Side note for a non-iced tea drinking friend:  I'll just treat myself next time. :) )

    We didn't want to keep making the assumption that all was well and good at the "Best Start in Christ" preschool so we decided it was time to ask the parents.  And we did.  

    Nataly surveyed the parents to find out if the program was meeting their expectations, if they had suggestions, how the interactions with the teachers were going and if they were experiencing changes in the home that might be attributable to "Best Start" lessons.  This is a sample of what she asked and heard.

    Nataly:  Do you consider the Best Start in Christ program to be a good initiative?

    Response:  Yes, it’s a fundamental beginning, since sometimes we as parents do not teach our children good principles, we forget that God is above all things.

    Response:  Yes, because it is a good opportunity for the families of the community to complement the knowledge the kids get at home. In addition, the daily snack is an essential help for many parents who do not have the possibility of feeding our children correctly.

    Response:  I think it's a good start for both kids and parents. It is a form of adaptation for children, which helps them to socialize, interact, live together, share and above all learn from God. As a mother I am very grateful.

    Response:  Yes, it is a good initiative, very positive for the community and for our children, because it is an advance in early education for our children and also for the community.

    Nataly:  Do you feel that the program has had an impact on your family?

    Response:  Yes, it has had a good impact as we see the development of our son and the encouragement and joy when it is mentioned that he will go to school. He feels motivated and it is something that motivates us too.

    Response:  Yes, because it helps our children learn, making interaction as a family a little easier, since our son is learning values.

    Response:  Yes, since my daughter was born, I decided that she would participate in the program. I have noticed the change over time in the program because she began to talk to me about Jesus and I found out that there were things that she learned in the program and reproduced them at home. In addition, her father's involvement in the program has strengthened the family unity.

    Response:  I consider that it contributes to the Christian principles instilled in my son, which is very important.

    Response:  Yes, because my daughter knows how to express herself, she speaks well and knows many things that would not be possible without the help of the program.

    Nataly:  Is there something that makes the program special?

    Response:  Its teachings. I thank God for this program that we mothers need so much.

    Response:  It is special in all aspects because they teach our children with love, respect, patience and always with the presence of God.

    Response:  The completeness of the curriculum since children are not only taught hygiene habits, behavioral norms or basic knowledge, but also the importance of the presence of Jesus in our lives and homes.

    Response:  Attention and focus on Christ. Our main objective is that our children receive adequate care that guarantees learning and forges Christian values ​​and principles from a very young age.

    Response:  That the kids are taught with [patience] to love and respect themselves as unique and special beings created by God.

    Response:  Thanks to you we do not pay a monthly fee and yet the attention is very good. Without your help, this opportunity would not exist for my daughter. Thank you so much.

    Nataly:  What do you hear from your child about the program?

    Response:  When our kid gets back home, he looks very happy, and he tells me about what he did, the numbers he studied, etc., he also tells me that they prayed for mom, dad, health and the food and I think that's very nice.

    Response:  The snack they offer, the care and attention of the teachers.

    Response:  He always talks about his rewards when receiving and delivering homework, the good treatment he receives from his teachers, the delicious meals they are served, actually he always comes back home talking about everything he eats at school. 

    Response:  That the teachers treat her very well. She likes to play with the teachers because they love her very much.

    Response:  When my girl gets home, she starts doing homework and she tells me to wash our hands and then to go eat, repeating the school protocol.

    Hooray!  We give the glory to God for the personal changes that these families are experiencing.  It is what encourages us to stay connected to these children post "graduation" - to continue to teach and walk alongside these children in building skills and habits that will last beyond today and shape a community. 

    Will you journey with us, pray with us, and lend a hand to continue to see families and an entire community in Nicaragua transformed?

    Don't make the assumption that it can be done without you!