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    Conferences October 2017

    January 23, 2018 Wayne Hancock
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    When a pastor shares his deep struggles with sexual temptation, when a spouse shares the pain and strain that ministry places on their marriage, I am reminded of why after nine years, we continue to travel to Nicaragua and offer conferences for couples in ministry. Many of these couples rarely have opportunity to share the challenges and frustrations with those
    whom they trust.
    I was particularly touched this year with the trust that the attendees placed in our team as we taught, listened and prayed with our conference theme of Building Healthy Leaders. Tears were shed, boundless joy shared, connections were made, leaders were encouraged and empowered, marriages were strengthened.
    Our team of six Canadians included myself, my wife Helen, Bruce & Janice from Waterdown and Pastor Deane and Annette from Brantford. We had wonderful times of teaching, serving, prayer and fun together. What a blessing to have such committed Jesus followers to lead the conferences.  From sessions on leadership that included the person of the leader and managing change, to grief and personal prayer; to sessions on ministry and community prayer focus; to two sessions of The Marriage Course, the conferences had many opportunities for couples to share and interact with the team.
    A new feature this year was a games night where language was no barrier
    to fun as couples enjoyed games of Jenga, Othello, Skip Bo, Blockus and even bi-lingual Bananagrams! It was a wonderful time of fun and bonding.  Although illness, ministry issues and recovering from Tropical Storm Nate two weeks earlier kept us from having full conferences we know that what was learned will be shared more widely as these folk continue to engage in their ministries and communities.
    This ministry has a deep impact on the lives of Christian ministry leaders in Nicaragua. Thanks for your support and your prayers.

    Pastor Wayne