Let's Raise the Roof.

The 2021 Fundraising Challenge

Let's put a roof over their heads...


Join in on an event or support a team or individual

We know that replacing some aging infrastructure isn't all that exciting, but giving it new life sure can be.  How great is it when you can support individual families in Nicaragua with building materials particularly during the rainy season?  Replacing the cancha roof also provides for a safer space for groups and kids and families attending programming, so you know that some of the proceeds, and any excess, will go towards the various community outreach "Best Start in Christ" programs as well.

Funds are being raised to November 30th with the goal of distributing re-usable roof sheets in the community by Christmas.
Rufus, our 2021 fundraising mascot, thanks you!

Raising Rufus

Raising Rufus by Various (6 Photos)

Fundraising 2021
Patient support.
Best Start in Christ graduation
Community meal
Worship event
Rufus play time
Typical community home