"Best Start in Christ" Changes - The "Q"s and "A"s

What is the "Best Start in Christ" program?

Launched in 20008, “Best Start” programs have focussed on maternal health and the nurture and education of young children (birth to age 3).   Pregnant women (many under the age of 18), have the opportunity to attend pre-natal classes, and receive medical check-ups and advice through to the birth of their child(ren).  Upon birth, mothers and babies begin attending the newborn program.  Parental involvement is key through to the children ‘graduating’ from the program just prior to attending government-provided pre-schools outside the walls of the Skylark Centre.  All programming incorporates Christian teaching and values.

I have been sponsoring a child through my “Change A Life” donations.  What happens now?

Rest assured that children, although not individually-sponsored, will continue in the program!  The offerings and opportunities for them will not change.  Some children that were sponsored graduated in November, and incoming children were not assigned to sponsors, anticipating the change to our funding approach.  If you have a question about a child that you were sponsoring, please let us know.

What is "Building a Better Future"?

“Building a Better Future” is the name of the initiative that is specifically geared to women in the community, wishing to enhance their skillset in order to have new options by which to support themselves and their families.  More information is available here.

I'm confused.  What is "Change A Life"?

“Change A Life” was the name of the child sponsorship effort.  Donations to “Change A Life” were used to support individual children attending the original “Best Start in Christ” programming.  We have retired reference to “Change A Life” as it pertains to donating in Canada.
“Change A Life” is also the name of the organization that we partner with in the U.S. to receive and receipt all U.S. donations.  The name of the U.S. organization is not changing.

I am in the U.S. and send my donations to "Change A Life".  Is this changing?

No, this is not changing.  Donations to “Change A Life” in Charlotte, NC, can continue as normal.

What is the community-wide project that is taking place?

In a simple word, surveys.
An organized effort to learn what the residents of the local community struggle with, and what they dream of, was initiated last fall.  We held small focus groups, starting with those who work for, and attend programs at, the Skylark Centre.  In April, a more formal survey is taking place across the Los Medranos area with the aim to capture demographic and subjective data from the majority of the approximately 1300 residents.  What we learn will aid us in determining next steps in community development planning.  It will allow for short, medium and long-term goal-setting as we strive to build into, and empower, this amazing, and typically struggling, rural Nicaraguan area. 

What are donated funds to "Best Start in Christ" used for?

Traditionally, funds have been funnelled towards maternal health and early childhood education.  Those foundations remain.  Donated funds will now also support “Building a Better Future” in its current state.  We anticipate that the survey results will uncover community needs that rise quickly to the surface as potential expanded program offerings in the short term, and those that will require more investigation and prayerful planning for the long-term.  Donated funds to “Best Start in Christ” will assist greatly in all of these areas. 

I would like to change the monthly amount that I donate, or would like to change the date in the month on which it is paid.  How do I go about making this change?

Please contact us at info@threefold-ministries or send us a good old-fashioned letter as we require your instructions in writing.

I would like to receive the quarterly update.

If you are already a regular donor, we have you on the list!  If you would like to be added to our contact list, please email us at info@threefold-ministries.org, or complete the “Stay up to date!” form on our website homepage.

I have another question or a comment.

We are here!  Give us a call at 226-476-2475, email us at info@threefold-ministries.org, or reach out to:
Wayne Hancock, Managing Director - wayne@threefold-ministries.org
Amanda Shaw, Community Development Coordinator - amanda@threefold-ministries.org
Tammy Miller, Ministry Coordinator - tammy@threefold-ministries.org