Ray Bauman - In Memorium

Board Director - In Memorium


Born in Elora, Ontario, Ray grew up a farm boy with three sisters and a brother.  At 20 years old, Ray left the farm and moved to North Bay to take up a trade in the oil industry.  In 1968, he married his wife Gayle and together they have three children and seven grandchildren.  He started his own business and was in the industry for half a century!  He continued to works part-time(??!?!) for his youngest son who now owns and manages the business that Ray began.

Since 2002, Ray was an Elder at St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church in Parry Sound. 

Ray was heavily involved with Threefold Ministries since its inception, and joined as a Director in 2009.

Ray loved to eat and travel!  He will be sorely missed.
Ray Bauman