Maternal Health

Multiple pregnancies and teenage pregnancy are common in Nicaragua. Through our Maternal Health program we seek to provide pregnant women in the community with practical advice on how to have safe and healthy pregnancies.

Prenatal Care workshops are offered each month, facilitated by a local gynecologist/obstetrician. These classes cover a wide variety of practical topics.  Healthy snacks are provided at the workshops.

All women are provided with a supply of prenatal vitamins, calcium and folic acid (folate). Ultrasounds are made available where medical concerns warrant, and financial need exists. 

Once labour commences women are provided with a ride to the hospital any time of day or night to ensure a safe delivery.  Upon her return home, each mother is provided with a “Welcome Baby” kit which includes a baby-sized bathtub, clothes, sleepers, diapers, blankets, baby towels, diaper rash cream and other personal hygiene products.  New to the list of items being distributed are “Days for Girls” kits, generously donated by our partners at Damascus Road Community Church in Maryland.