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    Passion and networking in Mexico City

    December 6, 2019
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    VELA conference November 2019
    VELA conference November 2019

    Friday Nov. 08: 

    The young pastor spoke with passion and conviction.  He was one of the 20 pastors in Mexico City that are part of the network of Evangelical churches in the VELA network.  VELA, for over 35 years, has been working in Mexico and more broadly in Latin America to encourage, equip and assist local churches in sharing the good news of Jesus.  Part of this this wider vision is the network of churches in Mexico City specifically, now numbering 20.

    The gathering on Friday saw the 20 pastors and other leaders from these churches meet for fellowship, networking, encouragement in their ministry and to learn about the VELA Vision 2020 project aimed at having each Christian win one more person, each family win one more family, and each church planting one more church with the prayer that the good news of Jesus will transform their country.

    The young man has been pastoring for several years and was on the edge of burnout.  His family was suffering from the neglect and pressure of his ministry, his faith was faltering.  He was by his own account teetering on the edge.  Then a couple of older, more mature pastors in the VELA network surrounded him, encouraged him, prayed with him and instructed him.  They were his lifeline.

    I had the privilege of addressing this gathering briefly.  I was humbled by the many who spoke with me afterward each one pointing to how vital the VELA network is to them and their churches, how God is using the faithful work and witness of the VELA team to build networks such as this that God uses to keep the body of Christ healthy.

    We are thrilled and humbled to be working as VELA Ministries' partner in Latin America.