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    It has been a wonderful journey

    April 29, 2022
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    Wayne's ponderings

    To our Threefold Ministries family:

    I have been on a wonderful journey and the decision to fully retire a challenging one, but I know that it is right. Since I first stepped foot at the Skylark Center in April 2006 God has placed this ministry on my heart.  I have counted it an honour and a privilege to serve in the capacity of Managing Director of Threefold Ministries since I assumed the role in 2015. God has gathered an amazing and gifted staff team that it has been my joy to lead.  My decision to retire is a testimony to my conviction that the team will continue to serve Christ and move this ministry forward in achieving the purpose and mission that God has placed upon it. I am also confident in the Boards leadership to continue to steward this ministry for the blessing of the people of Nicaragua and for the glory of God.

    It is my intention to continue as an ambassador for Threefold on a voluntary basis.  I will promote and support this ministry in any way that I can.  I have the blessing of Tammy and the Board to continue to plan for our Christian Leadership Training program which has been a passion of mine since my first conference at Skylark in 2007.

    Please join me in praying for Tammy as she assumes full leadership in just a few weeks time.

    I want to thank you for your continued support of Threefold that is making a difference in the lives of many in Los Medranos and beyond.  I look forward to keeping in touch from time to time in my continuing role as ambassador for this amazing ministry.

    Yours in the love and service of Jesus,