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  • Sep28Fri

    English for Freddie

    Learning for a future September 28, 2018 Tammy Miller

    On each of his scheduled workdays, Freddie travels for an hour by bus to reach the restaurant in Managua that serves up Brazilian fare.  It is not unusual for English-speaking customers to arrive at this capital city-based restaurant.  Freddie knows that learning, and being able to communicate in, English will help him in his job.  Unfortunately, it appears that the restaurant will be forced to close in the coming weeks, as have hundreds of businesses in Nicaragua in recent months that cater primarily to visitors.

    Freddie knows that he needs to be ready for the time when tourists and business travellers return to Nicaragua.  It is why Freddie is fully engaged in attending the English classes currently being offered in his home village of Los Medranos, at the Skylark Retreat Centre.  These opportunities do not come along every day!  Learning English plays not only into Freddie’s current tenuous employment, but also his dreams for the future for his family - his wife, teen-aged son and 6-year-old daughter.  Freddie has an interest in languages, hoping to eventually become a teacher and interpreter in English, followed by Mandarin and possibly German.

    We are excited to be able to contribute to the future of Freddie and his family, and the other local residents who are participating in English lessons and Electrical training under the guidance of our own Skylark staff.  Watch for further updates as we present and follow the stories of other participants in the extended "Best Start in Christ" programming.  Thank you to all who support through prayer and / or though financial support.

    Ultimately, we are hopeful in a God who presents silver linings in clouds of darkness!