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  • Mar12Tue

    A Welcome Return

    Back at the Skylark Centre March 12, 2019 Wayne Hancock
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    Kids bring Skylark alive
    Kids bring Skylark alive

    I was excited as the plane taxied for takeoff from Pearson Airport late in January.  For the first time since April 2018 we were returning to Nicaragua.  One of our Board Directors, Rob Fisher, and I were heading down for one week at our Skylark Centre.  With the Canadian government downgrading the travel advisory late last year, we wanted to see for ourselves what the situation was like before encouraging others to come.  My conclusion is that we are open for business; indeed much is happening already.

    It was a wonderful trip, very smooth processing both ways at the Managua airport.  No additional measures in place.  We found the country peaceful, with a little more police presence in evidence in Managua but otherwise as normal.

    At the Skylark Centre we were delighted to see that the staff have been working hard to keep the Centre beautiful and well maintained.  Even more, I was pleased to see that our staff have an amazing spirit of teamwork and resourcefulness that has helped continue, improve and even expand our programs into the community.

    During my time it was so exciting to see first a group of 50 children from disadvantaged neighbourhoods in Managua, enjoying Skylark for a few days, hosted by the Church of the Nazarene.  The picture shows the smiles on their faces.  The pattering of their feet early in the morning as they played reminded me that many of them have never had an opportunity to enjoy a place like Skylark and to hear the good news of Jesus.

    That group had barely left when 150 teachers from Christian schools around Nicaragua came for a three-day conference, sponsored by a charity in the USA.  As one of the teachers said to me, “This is an important spiritual boost, and time of refreshment before classes begin next week.”

    How wonderful to see so many Nicaraguans enjoying the Centre once again.  God, through your gifts, enabled us to keep the Centre going during the difficult times for much of last year.  Thank you.

    We look forward to what is ahead this year as we plan to welcome new and returning teams from Canada to join us in ministering to those in need in the community of Los Medranos and beyond.

    Yours faithfully,