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  • Jul28Tue

    A time to listen

    July 28, 2020
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    Wayne's ponderings

    In these days when global travel has all but ceased and when gatherings are limited in size and greatly reduced in frequency, I have been drawn to listen more.  As a mission that was founded on travel to Nicaragua and building a center for the gathering of local Christians for training, encouragement and community building, there is much more silence at Skylark than we had anticipated and certainly more than we desire.  The squeals of happy children, the boisterous play of adolescents, the reflective and faith-building conversations of leaders gathered have, for a time, fallen silent at Skylark.  This is the world in pandemic and a people struggling to cope.

    In the silence I listen and reflect.  How can we reflect God's love?  How can we support our staff, the community, the faithful users of Skylark during these challenging times?  Like you I have wondered why, how, what does it mean to be a faithful follower right now.

    I listen and I hear God speaking, through the memory of the voices of those whose lives have been changed through Skylark and the ministry of Threefold.  I listen and I hear the cry of those who long to gather, long to be taught, long to be equipped with life skills and with faith skills.

    I listen and I am hopeful.  How long will this silence persist?  Only God knows.  All I know is that in the silence I can listen for God's voice, and be ready to welcome again those many lively voices who long to come to a place of peace and beauty that reflects God's love and care; the place that is Skylark.

    Yours faithfully,