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  • Jul30Mon

    A temporary "new normal"

    Update on the situation in Nicaragua July 30, 2018 Wayne Hancock
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    Wayne's ponderings

    What is normal?

    After over three months of unrest Nicaragua continues to face significant challenges.  The road blocks and blockades that dotted the country have been removed by police and para-military forces making local travel somewhat easier.  There is still much fear as the death toll continues to climb and the number of injured, detained and missing - particularly prevalent in the youth and young adult population - appears to grow each day.

    The population is now wrestling with how to navigate this “new normal”.  Most fear going out after 6pm any day.  Protests, marches and general strikes continue as does growing international pressure for the Nicaraguan government.

    Our staff and their families are better able to move around their communities.  The Skylark Centre is safe and secure and our outreach programs for pre-schoolers and women are operating normally again despite the stress and fear that plagues everyday life.

    This week we had to make the difficult decision to suspend any Threefold teams from travelling to Nicaragua for the remainder of 2018.  The situation is too volatile and the Canadian and American governments maintain their advisories against travel to that country.

    It is hard to call those who had plans for wonderful ministry at Skylark and tell them that trips are on hold but the safety of those who we send to Nicaragua is our prime concern.  The four teams planned - Pastoral Training, Paramedic Training, Construction, and Medical - were taking shape well but now must be paused.  Your prayers for the impact this will have at Skylark and in the communities where these teams planned to work are much appreciated.

    On the bright side, our Skylark staff is busy contacting local groups, letting them know that the Centre is still operating and that travel in the area has resumed “normally”.  They so appreciate the prayers and financial support that you are providing.  It gives them hope.  Your financial support enables them to supply their families with basic provisions like groceries and medications.

    While there have been no visitors at Skylark for almost three months, our staff continue with the programs mentioned earlier, maintaining the Centre and are even starting some new initiatives to reach out to our neighbours there.  This can be sustained only through your gifts. 

    We praise God, and thank you, for the generosity of many who have responded to our pleas.  Know that each dollar you give is being wisely used to achieve maximum effect of supporting those in most need. Join us in praying for a peaceful and just resolution to the current conflict as a new, temporary, normal is lived out.

    Yours faithfully,