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    A New Community Approach to a "Best Start in Christ"

    March 28, 2018 Tammy Miller
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    “Best Start in Christ” is Threefold Ministries’ inaugural community-based program, launched in 2008, that reaches mothers-to-be, children and young families in Los Medranos.  Christian education has formed the basis for the educational opportunities provided over the past decade. 

     “Building a Better Future (with our hands)” recently produced its third round of ‘graduates’.  This project Initiative, oriented to women from the communities surrounding Skylark, has as its main objective the development of manual skills which can serve as a means of livelihood for families

    “Best Start” and “Building a Better Future” are now the grassroots of our prayers, hopes and dreams for the Los Medranos area, and beyond, and will be continuing.  Threefold is now embarking on a community-wide project, aimed at uncovering the next best program offerings as we look to build up and empower the individuals and families who call this area home.  The aim is to reach every segment of the population in some tangible way, following God’s promptings.

    We are making changes to reflect a community approach.  All program offerings, current and near future, will be referred to under the “Best Start in Christ” umbrella, reflecting the various ‘starts’, be it a newborn, a first-time mother, a learned skill, a new relationship, a practical home improvement, or a (re-)discovered faith.  Monthly and one-time donations will be directed to “Best Start in Christ” as a whole.

    We believe in providing the “Best Start in Christ” and your kind and generous contributions demonstrate your belief in it as well.  We have been doing our utmost to steward those resources wisely and for God’s good purpose.  Together we are making a difference.  The children and families impacted, the teachers and all staff at the Skylark Centre, and we at Threefold, are ever so grateful that you have chosen to participate. 

    If you are not already a monthly donor, would you consider becoming one?  Consistent income allows us to have a consistent outflow into this beautiful, but impoverished, little area of the world.  Although the classic, specific-child sponsorship is ending, the engagement with these children, their families and the community continues.  We are preparing to launch quarterly updates that will tell stories of community members and impact, so that you can witness the benefits that your donations bring.  After all, you are a significant part of the story, too!

    Would you like more information, or clarification?   Please refer to the FAQs, and feel free to contact us!