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    A childhood stolen

    Impacts of "Best Start in Christ" June 15, 2018
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    The youngest of families
    The youngest of families

    Meet 13-year-old Deborah.  As a shy youngster, she  was responsible for accompanying her little brother to the “Best Start in Christ” programming for young children when her mother, Perla, was unavailable. 

    Fast forward a few short years.  Perla, in desperation, and trusting of the Best Start staff, approached them for help in finding psychological support for her young daughter who, at 11 years old, was sexually abused and became pregnant.  That support was willingly provided, in part by funding the costs of a Psychologist to work with Deborah and her parents.  It was understandably an extremely difficult time in their lives.  Deborah, now at the tender age of 13, was now a mother.  She felt little affection for her son, Joscan, and was far from prepared for motherhood.

    Deborah has undergone counselling over the past few months.  The Best Start team has witnessed a positive change in the affection that she shows for her son.  Joscan is now enrolled in the Moms and Tots program at the Skylark Centre, under the watchful eye of the nurturing Best Start teachers, who reach out in Christian love and support to this family.