Nataly Cruz

Community Development Manager

Nataly joined the Skylark staff in October of 2014. She grew up in Diriamba, a town about 20 minutes away from the Centre, where she currently lives resides and where she studied Computer Systems Engineering at Pablo Freire University.  Nataly has worked in various capacities with mission teams from both Canada and the United States. She was involved in translating as well as in the distribution of donated funds to help churches, pastors, schools and feeding programs. She also spent some years living in Jinotepe with Joshua’s Ministries, an organization focused on churches, pastors, children and community health.

Nataly is gifted with creativity and enjoys working with her hands by designing crafts and cooking and baking. She receives great pleasure in passing along her knowledge and skills in these areas as she interacts with others, particularly children. On her own time, Nataly has used both her translating and creative skills to raise support for feeding centres. Nataly truly has a heart for serving the Lord through ministry to children and their families.


Nathaly Cruz